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Ad Manager v1.0 Beta3.0.1

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Ad Manager
Advertise to who you want, where you want, when you want!

This is the beta release of the MercenaryDesign Ad Manager. It allows ads to be shown to who you want, where you want when you want with the XenForo criteria system and template hook position definitions.

  • use the XenForo criteria system to be very specific on when a certain ad should be shown
  • show ads in various positions of your forum, don't have the position you want? Add it yourself with the position definition system by choosing a template hook to use. No hook in that place? One template edit to add it and you are set!
  • style the ads container with inline CSS or set a class and style it in your own CSS files
  • banner ads where you upload a banner and select a URL for it
  • custom code ads for outside providers (eg adsense)
  • display ads in order (giving even exposure) or randomly
  • counts views and banner clicks
What's Next?
  • first is an new ad type, ad group. This way you can select multiple ads and the show the group in a position effectively allowing more than one ad per position
  • daily stats for ad views and banner clicks
  • extended criteria options for things like NOT in node or ONLY on index... things the XenForo system lacks
  • after I have a stable product doing what everyone expects attention will turn to more advanced features like the following:
    • ability to purchase ad space
    • integration with ad providers
    • revenue sharing
    • more WYSIWYG system for when selecting ad positions
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