Elegance 2

Elegance 2 2.0.0

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Светлый стиль для XenForo от Artodia
This is a responsive XenForo style with CSS3 gradients and shadows.

There are two versions of Elegance style: Elegance 1 and Elegance 2. You do not need to choose which one to purchase - by purchasing ether of them you get access to both versions and all their color variations.

Why two versions?

After creating Elegance 1 I have created new framework that had a lot of useful features, such as compact nodes list, custom node sprites. Several customers asked to add those features to Elegance 1. It was easier to build new style on my framework that looks similar to Elegance 1 than adding those features to old style, so I have created Elegance 2.

Both versions are maintained and supported.

Style has configurable post layout. You can show poster's profile on left or right side and you can separate poster's profile from post.

Style has built-in support for most popular add-ons:
  • XenForo Resource Manager
  • XenForo Media Gallery
  • xenPorta and xenPorta 2 Pro
  • User Albums
  • Showcase
  • Article Management System (AMS)
  • sonnb's Xen Gallery
  • CTA Featuread Threads & Portal
and many other add-ons.

Some features (both versions):
  • Ability to set different logos for high definition and normal displays
  • Ability to set custom logo for mobile devices
  • Configurable fixed or fluid layout (simply set width to @pageWidth property)
  • Floating "to top" and "to bottom" navigation on bottom right corner. Compatible with iOS7. Can be disabled or customized in style properties.
  • On mobile devices sidebar can be toggled.
  • Login uses overlay window instead of appearing above header. It can be disabled in style properties.
  • All overlay windows use light background matching the rest of forum.

More features (version 1):
  • Customizable header: header can have dark background (default), light background (see my support forum). Navigation can have 1 or 2 rows, you can swap navigation blocks order, center or left align logo, etc.
  • Unique CSS3 breadcrumbs that use gradients with fallback for old IE.