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[fgX] Clutter Cleaner 1.2.0

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Keeps the GUI simple and clean by removing unnecessary elements
Совместимость с XenForo
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
A good forum software like XenForo must provide lots of features to the users. But have You ever given a thought to how many of your forum visitors that are using all these functions? Probably very few... The users that are actually even aware that they can sort the discussion listings in various ways are rare.

In contrast to most other add-ons, this add-on will not add new features. It aims to remove or hide features that are seldom used in favor for a simpler user interface, allowing your website visitors to focus on the content by unbloating the graphical user interface.

As a starter, this add-on will target the thread listings. (Including new-posts, unread posts, watched threads etc). It will also add blocks in the thread listings telling search engines that certain phrases should not be indexed (Words like: "Replies", "Threads", "Views" etc) .

Thread listings:
The pink sectionheader can be removed.
Some columns can be removed while some of the information is moved into remaining columns.
<!--googleoff: index--> and <!--googleon: index--> tags are used to inform search engines that some phrases are not relevant for your site nor important to index.
An additional CSS file, fgx_discussion_list.css is being used.
Profile pictures optionally gets circle shaped. This can be turned off in the options if desired.
This it what it looks like without this add-on:

This it what it looks like using this add-on:

This add-on is fully compatible with [fgX] Discussion Preview
Below is an example what it might look like using this add-on in combination with [fgX] Discussion Preview (previewing both the message text and thread images)

There are a few configuration options available for the add-on:

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