Simplicity Lite

Simplicity Lite 1.0.3

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Светлый стиль для XenForo
  • Добавлена новая настройка для логотипа - по центру

  • Совместимость с XenForo 1.5.14
  • Добавлены новые опции
  • Большое количество исправлений и доработок
  • Added new FontAwesome rich text editor (available via [Nulumia] Theme Options style property group)
  • Added style support for Xenforo Resource Manager
  • Added new option to hide sidebar (available via same group)
  • Added slightly mode spacing between the sidebar and content
  • Removed HTML character dropdown arrows from navigation and returned to Xenforo default method (arrows appear on hover, mouse over the arrow triggers dropdown.) This was due to the whole-nav tab approach causing users to have to click on tabs twice to activate their links
  • Removed a slight flickering arrow copy on dropdown menus
  • Fixed an incorrect link color when hovering over active nav tabs
  • Slightly tweaked colors and spacing of sidebar and regular headings (taken from new Simplicity Pro theme)
  • Improved code handling of sidebar blocks and headings (more automatic handling of CSS spacing)
  • Added several style tweaks to XFA Better Blogs mod
  • Syncronized sidebar headings, regular headings, forum headers, and other form headings across the theme
  • Tweaked link colors
  • Improved position of nav search bar to prevent overlapping other content when right sidebar is enabled
  • Improved several border and listing item styles on the member profile page
  • Matched tab style on profile page to regular default tab style
  • Improved appearance of popup member card
  • Improved /overlay/close.png sprite for popup forms
  • Fixed a bug where XenMoods banner would have incorrect position on member popup card
  • Improved appearance of container box around icon or avatar upload inputs
  • Improved appearance of side menu on account pages
  • Improved appearance of sectionFooter elements and Discussion List Options handle
  • Slightly tweaked appearance of breadcrumb
  • Improved CSS of discussion and search rows, top entries no longer have missing border
  • Matched numerous Style Property entries to use the "@nl_themecolor3" property instead of a primary or secondary color
  • Fixed several layout and spacing bugs on mobile where the content body would have incorrect positioning
  • Improved responsive margins and layout across different sizes
  • Improved mobile message layout, padding and spacing (threads, conversation pages)
  • Slightly improved comment bubble styles