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[ThemesCorp] Premium Page 1.1.4

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This page is a showcase of advantages you offer to your members after have buy a Premium Access.

Everything is customizable! - The accent on this add-on was concerned the customization. Almost all the parts are configurable. Each column is bound to a style property and contents of each box and also linked to a style property. (Total 85 Style Properties!)

A Usergroup permission allows you to set who can see the page.

Each column ends with a purchase button (you can disable it of course). The options of the add-on, you can set the link of this button, for example to a direct purchase on paypal, or by using the subscription system XenForo (User Upagrades)

To simplify use, we add tabs in the add-on options in order to easily edit each box, there is a vertical operation, for column.

You can enable or disable each column of your choice, hide or show the sidebar and the 3 blocks customizable, etc ..

In boxes of each column, you can use are

Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра текста.

or just text.

I invite you to watch the screens, you will see the enormous possibility of configuring this add-on ;)

NEW in v1.1.0
- Now, the add-on uses the User Upgrades system to XenForo !

You must create User Upgrade in your AdminCP (See

Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра текста.

), then you go to the add-on options, select a column, and far below, simply select the user upgrades that you created previously.

On the Premium page of the forum, you will see a button "Purchase", when a member click on, he will be redirected to paypal to pay their user upgrade, and once back on the forum, it will have changed group (as you have set in your user upgrade of course)

- You can also use an external link, this will display a purchase button, the member will be directed to the link you have entered the option (careful, there will be no group change with this option).

- Enable Announcement (enable/disable announce on Premium Page)

Each option mentioned below is linked to a style property, so it is easily customizable!
  • New Tab "Premium"
  • Fully Responsive
  • Premium Options
    • Premium Page Name
    • Premium Page Description
    • Premium Page Browser name (tab)
    • Columns With
    • Row Height
    • Header Box Height
    • Footer Box Height
    • Announcement
  • Column Services
    • Header Box - Title
    • Boxes 1 to 8 - Text and Tooltip
  • Column 1 to 8
    • Enable Column
    • Title (Header Box)
    • Price (Header Box)
    • Currency (Header Box)
    • Description (Header Box)
    • Use Font Awesome or just Text (Boxes 1 to 8)
    • Price (Footer Box)
    • Currency (Footer Box)
    • Description (Footer Box)
    • Text Purchase Button (Footer Box)
    • User Upgrades
    • External Link Purchase Button
  • Sidebar Blocks (you can show 3 blocks)
    • Enable Sidebar
    • Enable Visitor Panel
    • Enable Sidebar Block #1, #2, #3
    • Title
    • Block Content (HTML enable)
If you leave an empty box, it will disappear from the Premium Page