VaultWiki Lite

VaultWiki Lite 4.0.21 Patch Level 1

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Википедия для XenForo
  • Исправление ошибок.
Изменения в 4.0.20

  • Reduced size of search results URL
  • Unsent instant notifications now expire after 7 days
  • Fixed some race conditions
  • Over 60 other fixes and improvements not necessarily affecting the Lite version

Изменения в 4.0.19
  • Option for Global Default Wiki Subscribe Mode
  • Fixed static CSS cache never being used
  • Fixed conflict with [bd] Api on Windows
  • Fixed inconsistent alerts for @mentions and quotes
  • Fixed some style discrepancies
  • Over 150 other fixes and improvements not necessarily affecting the Lite version

Изменения в 4.0.18

  • Fixed array-to-string conversion while saving some BB-Codes
  • Fixed fatal error while add-on disable is still processing
  • Fixed missing database records for users who registered while add-on was disabled
  • Fixed broken WIKI links when title contains control characters
  • Over 80 other fixes and improvements not necessarily affecting the Lite version

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(released March 30, 2017)
  • Более 95 исправлений и улучшений
  • Улучшена производительность
  • Исправлено 90 ошибок
  • Improved performance of some functions
  • Fixed wiki overlays not matching forum overlay style
  • Fixed Manual Mode causing unexplainable problems during install/upgrade
  • About 90 other improvements and bug fixes
  • Исправление ошибок
На английском
  • Users Browsing the Wiki
  • Fixed unclosed BB-Code options preventing parsing
  • Fixed some wiki BB-Codes not working in non-wiki posts
  • Fixed some counters not updating when wiki content is deleted
  • About 55 other bugs were fixed
  • Устранены деадлоки MySQL
  • Настройки стиля для размера иконок
    • Ссылка для быстрого создания своего содержимого
      • Страница статистики в списке содержимого
      • Модерация для списка предпросмотров
      • Выключено оповещение для администратора Вики
      • Исправлена ошибка с Font-Awesome на PHP 5.4.7
      • Исправлено более 130 ошибок

  • Исправлено более 70 ошибок
  • Более 80 исправленных ошибок

  • Style Properties for History Status Colors
  • Fixed instant emails for edits to same subscribed page
  • Fixed email notifications for feed updates
  • Fixed feed entries not removed when feed is deleted
  • Fixed E_NOTICE errors still halt install/upgrade with debug off
  • Fixed invalid closing tags in wiki prefs
  • Fixed array to string conversion editing comments
  • Fixed fatal error upgrading to 4.0.6 from 4.0.0 Beta 7
  • Fixed can't chmod existing CSS cache after server restore
  • Fixed template params containing unparsed BB-Codes are stripped
  • Fixed database error in upgrade to 4.0.6 after 4.0.0 uninstall + 4.0.1 reinstall
  • Fixed missing user alerts for actions related to comments in XF
  • About 80 other fixes and improvements