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[XFA] RM MarketPlace 3.9.0

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  • Добавлены новые функции
  • Значительное количество исправленных ошибок

Версия 3.9.0
Corrected bugs:
  • ErrorException: Undefined variable: errorPhraseKey - library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/ControllerPublic/User.php:26
  • An exception occurred: getimagesize(*): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in */library/XFA/ThirdParty/pdf-invoicr/phpinvoice.php on line 89
  • Note input on paypal not registered in the note field of the purchase

New features:
  • Option to select the US like shipment address format for shipment info (only applies to purchases post activation)
  • [Physical product] Sellers can now input shipment data, eg. tracking number or tracking url, which is then visible to the buyer
  • [Dashboard] Capability to filter sales per shipment status in View Sales tab
Версия 3.8.2
  • Purchase through other mean than paypal not displayed for physical products
Версия 3.8.1
Corrected bugs:
  • Error in fresh install code
  • ErrorException: Fatal Error: Call to undefined method XFA_RMMarketPlace_Model_PurchaseInfo::getSellerById() - library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/ControllerPublic/Purchase.php:175
Версия 3.8.0

An error code in the install code (not upgrade) was preventing good functioning.

Those that did a fresh 3.8.0 install are recommended to uninstall and install this updated package. Those that upgraded to 3.8.0 do not need to do anything.

Corrected bugs:
  • XFA_RMMarketPlace_Template_Helper_Core file missing
  • [Digital product] Remaining quantity can't be edited
  • ErrorException: Undefined variable: errorPhraseKey - library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/ControllerPublic/User.php:26
  • ErrorException: Undefined variable: errorPhraseKey - library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/ControllerPublic/User.php:130

  • [Physical product] Additional info (name, address, etc...) are now retrieved from Paypal instead of input through the site (for Buyer protection purpose).
  • [Dashboard] Tabs reordered
  • Invoices system
    • Option to activate the system and configure the invoice language and date formats
    • New page on dashboard side for users to activate invoicing, input information (name, address, etc...) and upload logo
    • PDF downloadable files
  • Capability to manually accept other payment means
    • New usergroup permission to accept other payment means
    • Input data form upon purchase
    • Automatic conversation creation upon purchase for exchange between buyer and seller

Версия 3.7.0
Corrected bugs:
  • Shipping address not passed to paypal when the percentage on sale is active
  • Licences with no renewal show on "Your Licenses" and dashboard "Manage licences" pages while expired status filtering is selected
  • Free products are listed in the "Filter By Resource" dropdown of the dashboard statistics
  • Physical product shows out of stock in purchases tab instead of Order now

New feature:
  • Free resources are now activable/deactivable in the resource categories option

Версия 3.6.0
IMPORTANT - Read prior to upgrade:
In this version we have moved the Paypal payment API from Adaptive payments to Express Checkout to due deprecation of Adaptive payments.
Therefore, you need to follow these upgrade steps carefully:
  • Check that no transaction are on-going. If possible perform the upgrade when there are not much users online to ensure that.
  • Close your forum
  • Backup your database (as always when you perform an upgrade)
  • Upgrade RM MarketPlace
  • Follow the FAQ to setup the new payment API:

    Пожалуйста, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь для просмотра текста.

  • Open your forum

Corrected bugs:
  • If adding a currency code to Resource Manager currencies option, impossible to select it for resource featuring purchase currency and default stats currency.
  • If cookie prefix was set in config.php, All products/My products toggle wouldn't not do anything
  • If renewal is performed after end date, new end date is computed from previous one instead of today
  • Emails related to featuring purchase not sent

  • Paypal handling changed to Express checkout due to deprecation of Adaptive Payments (no IPN)
  • Actions performed upon refund of purchase from paypal no more automatic (no IPN), new "Set as refunded" link added to the Dashboard View Sales page
  • Link "Refund" in featuring duration moderation not performing automatic refund anymore (no IPN), replaced by a "Set as refunded" link
  • Payment status now coloured in Dashboard View Sales page (similarly to resource view purchase tab)
  • Payment status now coloured in Your Purchases page (similarly to resource view purchase tab)

New features:
  • Manually delete purchase through the Dashboard view sales page
  • Manually validate pending payment purchases through the Dashboard view sales page
  • Filter licences by status on "Your Licenses" page
  • Filter sales by type on "Your Purchases" page

Версия 3.5.2
Corrected bugs:
  • Pay to feature resource link not showing on resource page
  • Исправление ошибок
  • CSS sidebarBlockHeading property overidden by the add-on
  • Error stating that $cookie variable does not exist
  • Dashboard: My top sales block show all products if I have permission ot view all
  • Dashboard: resource list in statistics filter shows all resources when "My products" is selected
  • Dashboard: resource list in statistics filter not ordered by title
  • Добавлены новые функции
  • Исправление ошибок

  • New grid layout for the resources list display: configurable either globally or per category with image upload feature for the resource image selection.
  • Seller dashboard: new place to gather products/sales/licenses and more to come in the future
  • Global Terms and conditions: set your default terms and conditions through new dashboard (can stil be overriden per resource)
  • Capability to display Terms & Conditions in a tab in resource view


  • Paypal fees are now stored in the database (statistics purpose) - Only working if no percentage on sales as paypal doesn't provide the data in the transaction for adaptive payments
  • Amount of the percentage taken on sales stored in the database (statistics purpose)
  • Dashboard: My Products page changed to Products page
  • Dashboard: Added keyword "Resource" or "User" to filters

New features:
  • Option to set the minimum price allowed for the resources
  • Licence checking feature, different methods, check valid url and site exists. Comes with an option to set blacklisted urls.
  • Dashboard: For user with view all sales right, capability to filter elements from dashboard to view all or just own products related through simple toggle
  • Dashboard: Capability to filter sales by type (all or purchase or renewal)
  • Dashboard: Capability to filter licences by status (all or active or expired)
  • Dashboard: Statistics page now implemented with high configurability (time range, sale type, currency and resource)


  • Добавлены новые функции
  • Исправлены ошибки