[XFA] RM MarketPlace 3.9.0

Магазин для менеджера ресурсов

  1. 3.9.0

    Рекомендуется установка с нуля!
    • Добавлены новые функции
    • Значительное количество исправленных ошибок

    Версия 3.9.0
    Corrected bugs:
    • ErrorException: Undefined variable: errorPhraseKey - library/XFA/RMMarketPlace/ControllerPublic/User.php:26
    • An exception occurred: getimagesize(*): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in */library/XFA/ThirdParty/pdf-invoicr/phpinvoice.php on line 89
    • Note input on...
  2. 3.5.1

    • Исправление ошибок
    • CSS sidebarBlockHeading property overidden by the add-on
    • Error stating that $cookie variable does not exist
    • Dashboard: My top sales block show all products if I have permission ot view all
    • Dashboard: resource list in statistics filter shows all resources when "My products" is selected
    • Dashboard: resource list in statistics filter not ordered by title
  3. 3.5.0

    • Добавлены новые функции
    • Исправление ошибок

    • New grid layout for the resources list display: configurable either globally or per category with image upload feature for the resource image selection.
    • Seller dashboard: new place to gather products/sales/licenses and more to come in the future
    • Global Terms and conditions: set your default terms and conditions through new dashboard (can stil be overriden per resource)...
  4. 3.3.0

    • Добавлены новые функции
    • Исправлены ошибки
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